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The October Roses Children Research Foundation expresses sincere appreciation to JARVIS Applied Psychology Consulting Group for their generous support and their extensive range of services. Their expertise and dedication play a pivotal role in helping us achieve our organizational objectives of improving the lives of children and their families facing challenges from regular and UV light exposure. We are deeply grateful for their contribution and commitment to making a positive impact.

We also invite and encourage businesses, organizations, and individuals to explore the exceptional services provided by JARVIS Applied Psychology Consulting Group. With their comprehensive offerings, including startup development, product and corporate name branding, creative media and marketing solutions, business and corporate need analysis, business, organizational, and corporate revitalization, organizational and corporate restructuring, infrastructure development, organizational architecture, organizational effectiveness, and work motivation and incentive programs, they can assist you in reaching your goals.

For a complete list of their business, organizational, and corporate services, we recommend contacting JARVIS Applied Psychology Consulting Group directly at +1-216-220-9845. Their expertise, tailored solutions, and commitment to excellence can help your organization thrive while supporting our mission to protect and enhance children's well-being.

Join us in our commitment to improving the lives of children and their families. With the support and services of JARVIS Applied Psychology Consulting Group, together we can make a lasting difference and provide a brighter future for children everywhere.

JARVIS Applied Psychology Consulting Group available services are:

Startup Development

Product & Corporate Name Branding

Creative Media & Marketing Solutions

Business & Corporate Need Analysis

Business, Organizational, & Corporate Revitalization

Organizational & Corporate Restructuring

Infrastructure Development

Organizational Architecture

Organizational Effectiveness

Work Motivation & Incentive Programs

Contact JARVIS Applied Psychology Consulting Group for complete list of business, organizational, and corporate services at +1-216-220-9845.


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