2 Weeks 1 Bedroom + 1 Studio Luxury Villa Select Your Resort: MAUI, HILTON HEAD, ORLANDO, ARUBA, FT LAUDERDALE, MIAMI Donated By JARVIS Villas & Hotels - Donated Goods & Services

Sale price$7,995.00


The October Roses Children Research Foundation - ORCRF expresses sincere appreciation to JARVIS Villas & Hotels for their generous donation of various vacation resorts options. Their support plays a pivotal role in helping us achieve our organizational objectives of improving the lives of children and their families facing challenges from regular and UV light exposure. We are deeply grateful for their contribution and commitment to making a positive impact.

We also invite and encourage other businesses and individuals to follow JARVIS Villas & Hotels' example by donating various products and services to support our cause. Your contributions can include a wide range of items such as artwork, airline miles, traveling points, electronics, experiences, professional services, and more. By donating to the October Roses Children Research Foundation, you directly contribute to our research, education, global outreach, prototype development, and awareness & fundraising efforts.

What better way to make a difference than by combining your passion for travel with a worthy cause? When you book a vacation donated by JARVIS Villas & Hotels or support us by purchasing donated goods, you not only enjoy a well-deserved getaway or acquire unique items, but you also make a tangible impact on the lives of children. It's an extraordinary dual benefit – creating cherished memories while supporting our mission to protect and enhance children's well-being.

Join us in our commitment to improving the lives of children and their families. Your donations and support enable us to conduct vital research, educate communities, reach underserved populations, develop innovative solutions, and raise awareness about the challenges posed by regular and UV light exposure. Together, we can make a lasting difference and provide a brighter future for children everywhere.

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