PRESS RELEASE / From Sunburn to Skin Cancer: The Alarming Truth About UV Rays Exposure


Darius Gavris
Chairman & Executive Director
October Roses Children Research Foundation
Phone: 1-(202)-750-3092

The October Roses Children Research Foundation Raises Awareness About the Hidden Dangers of Sun Exposure

Cleveland, Ohio – 01.29.2024: The October Roses Children Research Foundation ( is launching a significant awareness campaign regarding the risks associated with sun exposure, emphasizing the need for protective measures against harmful UV rays. This initiative addresses the alarming statistics about beach visits and the growing dangers posed by the sun due to environmental changes.

In the United States, beaches are frequented by an estimated 180 million people, averaging 11 visits each year. While the sun's warmth is a major attraction, it is not always benign, as evidenced by the distressing experience of Mary and Steve, whose infant suffered severe UV damage.

"Recent increases in UV radiation, a result of ozone layer depletion, are raising serious health concerns," states Jules B Gavris, Spokesperson for the October Roses Children Research Foundation. "This change has led to an escalation in skin cancer, now the most common form of cancer in the U.S."

The ORCRF's campaign aims to educate the public on UV rays, their health effects, and the importance of sun protection strategies, including regular sunscreen use, wearing protective clothing, and seeking shade during peak sun hours.

Moreover, the foundation advocates for more shaded areas in public spaces. Its Shade Skyway Program collaborates with experts to design innovative shade solutions, integrating both man-made structures and natural elements like canopy trees.

For more information about sun safety and ORCRF's efforts, visit

About the October Roses Children Research Foundation:
Dedicated to protecting and enhancing the health and well-being of those affected by UV sensitivity, the October Roses Children Research Foundation conducts awareness campaigns, innovative programs, and community engagement to promote safer outdoor environments and mitigate UV-related health issues.



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